For Women & Their Families

Professional Counseling

Assessment & Intervention

Community Collaboration

Professional Counseling

for women and their families

Individual, Couples and Family Counseling: We specialize in assisting women and their family members who are in crisis such as:

  • Depression: Post-Partum, Grief, Anxiety

  • Relationships: Couples, Family Issues

  • Addictions and Recovery: Drugs, Alcohol, Food

  • Illness: Hospital Visits, Hospital Discharge Planning, Chronic & Acute Illnesses, End of Life Planning & Care 

  • Trauma: Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Trauma, Human Trafficking

  • Survivors Of: Childhood Sexual Abuse, Family Violence, Human Trafficking

Assessment & Intervention

essential components of our services

Assessment: Assessment serves four primary purposes in the counseling process:

  1. Screening: This process may involve assessments for safety, depression or anxiety. It also involves evaluating the level of care needed and referral to those resources when appropriate.

  2. Diagnosis

  3. Treatment Planning & Goal Identification

  4. Progress Evaluation: From the moment we first meet a client through the last session we have together, we are always engaged in the assessment process. The more information we have about a client, the better we are able to help them achieve a successful outcome.

Intervention: Crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble or danger. Frequently, a person has to make an important decision that may be life-changing. They may feel as if this is a turning point where they are facing life or death. Creating a step-by-step tangible plan for dealing with the crisis is empowering and gives the client hope.

Treatment Plan: This is an essential part of the counseling process and is developed by the client with the assistance of the therapist. The treatment plan creates a map for the client to follow in the process of their recovery. It also empowers them to make choices for their recovery, provides the opportunity to make those changes, and gives them a vision of their progress.

Safety Plan: Creating a safety plan is always an essential part of the counseling process. Safety plans vary according to each client but it is always extremely important to evaluate safety for a client in crisis. Together with the therapist, the client creates a safety plan that addresses their primary concerns and creates an environment that will encourage and facilitate the recovery process.


Community Collaboration

specializing in comprehensive counseling

Our providers network together to establish a comprehensive treatment plan. This involves a coordination of services that may require interaction with:

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Community Agencies

  • Housing Programs

  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

  • County Service Providers

  • Law Enforcement

  • Psychiatric Response Teams

Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive the best comprehensive care. We are committed not only to providing it ourselves, but also ensuring that clients are engaged with the totality of services that will make their treatment and recovery successful.